Adding a baby to the family represents a significant expense. In addition to clothes, baby formula, bottles, a crib and a car seat, most families purchase several other accessories that make their life easier. One of the most common things families with a baby as well as other children purchase is a dual baby monitor. This type of system allows busy parents to keep an eye on their baby as well as their other children or even the pot of food on the stove without actually being in three places at one time.

Baby monitors can reduce parents’ anxiety by allowing them to keep a watchful eye over their newborns while also taking care of other household duties, working at home or even relaxing in front of the television. Parents who put their toddlers to bed, hoping they’ll go right to sleep can monitor their activity without going into the room unless it’s really necessary. A product like this is essential when parents are trying to teach their children how to fall asleep on their own.

To ensure the babies in the household sleep soundly, parents need to do some research on cribs before they head out to the store. There are a lot of cribs on the market in all different price ranges. While all of the new cribs meet basic safety standards, there are some differences parents should know about so they can make sure they buy the safest baby cribs. Regardless of the family budget, it’s important to never purchase a used crib unless the model is safe and the manufacturer is able to vouch for the model.

Any parent in the market for a crib should have the Babyletto brand on their radar. While these are in a slightly higher price bracket than basic cribs, they are well worth the money when it comes to safety. Many of these cribs are also convertible so parents who purchase them never have to buy another bed for their child in the future. With a conversion kit included, parents can save additional money in the future because they’ll have everything they need to turn the crib into a toddler bed and then into a twin bed as their child gets older.